Corporate News
Jiangsu High-Hope Arser co., Ltd. approved the review of AEO Senior Certified Enterprise Qualification by Customs .

 Recently, our company has received the confirmation of re-certification from NanJing Customs, which makes it explicitly that our company complies with the requirements of <Enterprise Standards for Customs Certification> and has been re-certificated by NanJing Customs as AEO Senior Certified Enterprise.

For international trade enterprises, AEO advanced certification qualification entitled them the convenience and preferential policies such as rapid customs clearance of goods, reduction of inspection proportion and reduction of customs clearance fee. Meanwhile , it also displays a good company’s brand image to the outside world.

In October 2015, our company was recognized by the General Administration of Customs as the first batch of AEO senior certified enterprises, and became the first enterprise of AEO advanced certification for trade customs in JiangSu province. On July 17 2018, the customs conducted the first review of the certification. This review involves a wide range of review projects, which including internal control, financial status, law-abiding standards, trade safety and other 32 certification standards, and strict auditing requirements. In order to pass the customs review successfully, Jiangsu High-Hope Arser co., Ltd. has set up a leading group for the special review with general manager Xu Xuewen as the team leader, which takes the review seriously and strictly. During the review process, the members of the customs review team shall carefully examine and verify each review project, and meanwhile guide and improve the related work of our company. Through the joint efforts of all the employees of the company and through 4 mouths working time and three stages which including preliminary examination, rectification and review, the company has successfully passed the senior certified qualification review of customs AEO.

Taking the opportunity of this review, our company further optimized internal management, standardized business operations, strengthened risk prevention and control awareness, and improved the standard management level of enterprises. In the future, Jiangsu High-Hope Arser co., Ltd. promised that the senior certification standards of the customs will be kept throughout the daily management work and strictly implemented, and efforts will be made to maintain the corporate image of AEO senior certification of the customs.